Why You Must Choose ASP.NET Technology for Web Application


The initial period of the web when Internet Information Services had been rolled out in 1997, the content offered by the website pages was static. These pages continuously asked for consistent and manual changes.

At this juncture, it was felt that websites should be dynamic enough to get updated on their own without any manual intervention. As a result, Microsoft’s Active Server Pages (ASP.net) came into being.

ASP was employed on the server side and the output was sent to the user’s web browser. This allowed the server to build dynamic web pages depending on the actions of a user.

Many popular brands to the likes of Amazon and eBay have used ASP.net framework and built a very robust website.

ASP.NET technology is increasingly being used by developers as it has simplified development and maintenance because of the existence of source code and HTML.

Since the configuration information is inbuilt, the need for registration of components is ruled out. As a result, deployment of applications becomes easy.

ASP.NET applications are monitored for all pages, components, and applications. This reins in memory leaks, infinite loops and also curbs other illegal activities.

It is the best option when you have to build large and complex web app development. This is enabled by the dent of ADO.NET supported by data-binding and page formatting feature.

Developers can now build applications with reusable codes via the programming languages of C++, VB, C#, JS by using UDDI, WDSL, OOP, ASP, SOAP, and XML.

What are the types of ASP.NET Technology Development?

There are 3 types of ASP.NET application development:

  1. MVC

The ASP.net technology is based on an MVC framework which makes Microsoft technology so popular and robust. It has simplified developing applications based on ASP.net.

The MVC architecture has made it easy to build complex applications in very less time. It is very flexible allowing developers to build customized MVC patterns and behavior as per the type of business application.

  1. Web Pages

ASP.net allows developers to practice PHP with HTML. You can create Web pages by using ASP.NET with minimal coding efforts through its Rapid Application Development.

  1. Web Forms

This is used for developing small, quick, and dynamic applications. It involves lesser coding as compared to MVC pattern and offers more control to programmers.

What are the advantages of using ASP.net app development services?

Following are the reasons why you should choose the ASP.net framework for developing your website.

# It reduces the amount of coding

Coding becomes very monotonous and when it is done to develop the same things, it becomes even more frustrating. The ASP.net development of Microsoft studied hundreds of scenarios and targeted 20 objectives such as unified login, appearance consistency, authentication procedure among others.

After zeroing in on these objectives, it designed numerous controls that allowed developers to create menus and login systems in a short span.

As a result, ASP.net is very reliable when you have to develop large applications. It significantly scales down the amount of coding.

# It works really fast

ASP.net is a fast technology complied coding as well as caching have a contributed majorly to make this a swifter resource.

When you use ASP.net, the code is compiled into the machine language before a person visits your web page.

Caching works to save the information and augments the process by making it available for faster access in the future.

Since ASP.net allows caching of data from the database, it effectuates into making your website very fast after frequent visits to the database in the past.

# It is language independent

There are no language barriers in ASP.net technology. ASP.net does not depend on any language.

Therefore, developers are free to choose any language which works best for their application. This also enables developers to separate the applications in different languages.

# It is supported by rich tools

ASP.net is home to numerous robust tools in the Visual Studio integrated environment. Some of the rich tools featured by this technology are WYSIWYG-editing, automatic deployment, firewall, and drag and drop controls.

# It offers multiple language support

With ASP.net’s framework, developers will be able to write their code in more than 25 .net languages. You will many languages for coding including C#, VB.Net, Jscript.Net, etc.

This means developers can choose the language in which they have the expertise and as a result, their output remains free from any interference.

# It offers crash shielding

This feature makes sure that your website does not display an error message to the viewers. Crash shielding will ensure that your website runs seamlessly 24×7.

It enables your website to automatically recover from glitches and memory leaks.

What are the other things that attract customers and corporate systems developers?

  • The first thing is that ASP.net provides stability. Since most of the business enterprises require long term projects, Microsoft offers anchors them stability.
    It gives you ample time to plan the development of an information system without any loss of support.
  • It offers a wide array of high grade and convenient extensions. These are used by developers to extract the optimization and code quality control.
  • It features high-quality documentation and tools to simplify the maintenance of documentation of your product.
  • The modern .NET technologies require compiling the code. This makes the final solution to be packed and delivered in the compiled version without the need for source code.
  • The solutions and plug-ins have a Code Analysis and Security Check to strike out the possibility of errors and vulnerabilities.


Whether you are developing a website for a small business or big organization, you will need ASP.net technology.ASP.NET is best for e-commerce web development, intranet and extranet web solutions, portal development as well as feature-rich customized .NET applications.

Peruse its benefits and you will see for yourself the robustness offered by this technology. It will simplify and quicken the process of developing applications and also impart a great user experience.

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