Why is UI UX important for SaaS?

Why is UI UX important for SaaS? 

The modern emerging problems of this highly-connected world have given modern solutions. One such key solution is the creation and adoption of Software as a Service (SaaS) products and applications. Major organizations have subscriptions to various tools and platforms all around the world that can make their job easier. These include handling internal communication and administration, relationships with the customers, tracking the progress, and more. Most of these services fall under SaaS.

The SaaS audience is particular about efficiency and would want solutions that are useful, helpful and also valuable to their companies. The SaaS applications are designed, like any other product or service, that the target audience be prioritized and their demands take center stage in the design process. The new features of products, and even the new products, must be created with a user-centered perspective. Now the users expect SaaS solutions to make their tasks easier, it is important for such applications to deliver, or the users may go for other alternatives.

Let’s enter the complicated world of SaaS and try to understand it using good UX design principles.

SaaS in UX design

From the outlook of UI/UX design, working on SaaS software can be complex. One side, the traditional deliberations of design need to be taken into account. Other hand, designing a SaaS product or service also demands some understanding of enterprise UX design, as these are basically used by big companies and SMEs. 

Creating a Good SaaS UX for Marketing

According to The Business Research Company report, the worldwide SaaS market will grow from $212.20 billion in 2021 to $240.61 billion in 2022 at a CAGR of 13.4%.

By 2026, the market will grow to $374.48 billion at a CAGR of 11.7%. The industry has been growing highly during the last few years. 

The effectiveness of user experience design makes the companies grow rapidly. Bad user experience can result in a lack of customer trust, customer satisfaction, and in a meantime decrease in company revenue.

A proper structured user experience can help you in B2B marketing of SaaS products. Designing a great UX, you can easily attract new customers and retain old ones. Great UX design that ensures users have a positive attitude from the start, which will help you in the B2B marketing service later. It will also lead to a long-term engagement with the service and/or product.

Significance of creating a good SaaS UX design

While working on the design of UI/UX applications, developers need to be cognizant of the entire user journey and also ensure that the overall objectives and values of the target audience whereas companies in this case are not compromised. These important factors must be kept in mind while designing the UX design strategy for SaaS. 

Viewing the structure of any SaaS solution, such that solutions themselves are highly complex. The targeted people might not be highly technical so as to understand all the rear processes. Here comes why good design practices are important for the success of any SaaS application. The integration of UI/UX design with SaaS development promises that all the demands of the target audience are pointed out throughout the process. So the products thus created are truly worthwhile for the users, benefiting the organization as well as the customers.

A SaaS product or service which focuses on a user-centered approach will not only increase audience satisfaction but also make them take decisions i. e.the conversion of leads. Better reviews, Loyal users, and a big customer base is something that all businesses await. If you are looking to start or you’re already running a SaaS business, now is the high  time to look for better design practices, so you can catch these benefits.

Important SaaS UX design parameters

Few of the key performance indicators (KPIs) for any SaaS business include customer engagement, customer satisfaction, flawless performance and conversion rate. For digital products, it is quite impossible to enhance these KPIs without good design practices. Going for  the design of SaaS software and solutions, it is essential for designers to choose an suitable UX design framework, conceive a strong strategy, user research, and hang on to the basic principles of design, to obtain desirable results

Application Importance of UX Design in SaaS

Going with good design practices for SaaS applications can enhance extremely , both in the short and long term. Follow the ways in which UX design can add value to SaaS are.

Increased customer engagement

The most important part of UX design in SaaS development is that it ensures increased customer engagement. When you present a simple user interface, one that is quite easy to navigate, more likely to operate their tasks efficiently. In some workspaces, where the users might have to use a certain application for longer hours, it is essential that the design be attractive, responsive, and interactive so that the customers do not get irritated. This is the thing a good design brings to SaaS applications.

Simple user journey

One crucial thing to consider is that a SaaS product or service can’t be created with a single particular organization or customer group in mind.  Such a tool or software should be scalable and adaptable for different types of organizations. Here, where the main rule of mapping the user journey from UX design comes in use. Integrating the principles of design in the creation of a SaaS application assures that all the user journeys are considered in the process. This then puts it into simple journeys, remarking the major key points of the users, thus fulfilling their major needs at all times.

Return on investment (ROI)

Better design of any product or service assures good usability. In turn, increases customer satisfaction. Happy customers are not only loyal to the product or service but also help in promoting it, finally bringing more business. Put it simply, any SaaS application’s good design can result in an increase in the ROI, proving the benefit of UI/UX.

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