Why Blogging is Important for students?

Justin Hall is the father of blogging

Evan Williams, Meg Hourihan were the founders of blogging 

What is Blogging?

Blogging is nothing but writing an article about a particular topic and it is self-published online. Blogging is an opportunity for an individual to write in diary style, it allows readers to comment on the article which is written so that they become more popular. A blog can be written on different topics, for example, cooking, traveling, etc.

How to create a blog?

Sign in to Blogger

On the left, click the down arrow 

Click New Blog

Enter a name for your Blog

Click Next

Choose a blog address or URL

Click save 

How are blogs written 

Step 1: plan your blog and post it by choosing a topic, creating an outline, doing a research 

Step 2: Craft a headline that is informative and will capture readers’ attention 

Step 3: Writing a post in a single session or gradually word on parts of it 

How does Blogging work? 

Blogging is a website wherein the individual writes the content and publishes them; here themes are added to look attractive for the readers. The individual should know to operate a computer.

How it is important to students?

Blogging gives motivation for students to read and write and properly encourages them and gives them opportunities to speak. Students learn different things from this, they improve their communication skills by replying for comments and it helps to think for students in a unique way, it improves writing skills as well, blogs offer many benefits for education, it encourages to use internet and Web among the students in a proper manner, a blog with useful content attract the audience and customers and they get interested to learn a content

5 common types of blog 

  • Personal blog 
  • Business blog 
  • Affiliate blog
  • Niche blog 
  • News blog 

Best types of blog to create

  1. Food blog 
  2. Travel blog
  3. Health and fitness blog
  4. Fashion blog
  5. Personal blog 
  6. Lifestyle blog 
  7. Photography blog etc.

Advantages of Blogging for students 

It helps for students to think creatively: Blogging helps students to come up with different ideas and skills they become more creative day by day, it helps them to express their thoughts and ideas, they come up with new content and solve the problems, they design well say like thems header, pictures, etc.  

Regular writing sharpens the brain: Thinking is the most beneficial thing that comes in blogging, they develop the speed of writing like content writing, thoughts, experience, or anything they want, this improves to sharpen the brain of the students. the guide should encourage their students to develop their blog

It boosts the confidence in students: when they work continuously and they get proper feedback, by this they will be eager to learn more things and they create self-confidence in them, by this, they love to write different types of content and article

Improves communication skills: Writing is a common type of communication that helps an individual to exchange their feelings and thoughts. The more they practice through blogging, the communication will be better

Students can easily earn from blogging: Writing is a skill that never goes away, once the perfect writing skills it will stick with you no matter what, many bloggers find work writing for extra money

Monetization: Making extra money 

Disadvantages of Blogging for Students in Education 

Blogging mostly distract students from their study, they give more time for blogging and they neglect their studies 

Blogging takes a lot of time because it is a step by step procedure that should be done correctly

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