What to Give a Childhood Friend?

What to Give a Childhood Friend

What is childhood? Childhood is the happiest time in which we find happiness in the bright colors of nature, in the love of mom and dad, in games with friends … Many of the happiest memories of your childhood are forever associated with friends who grew up with you.

A childhood friend is the most loyal and devoted because it was he who knew you almost all your life, your dreams, experiences, tastes, habits, and hobbies. A childhood friend’s gift will tell him a lot about your warmest emotions that you managed to carry through your whole life. It will be doubly pleasant to receive a childhood friend’s gift if the gift is made with a soul and from a pure heart

An exquisite picture from a photo is a beautiful gift created so that your warmest and most profound feelings for a friend are embodied on a natural canvas. Depict the unforgettable childhood moments of you and your friend. Such a gift to a childhood friend will emphasize how much connects you and your friend, how much you have in common and how many bright moments are still waiting for you ahead.

One of the most fantastic friendship stories happened in 1936, at the Olympic Games in Berlin. Two friends and an athlete from Japan, Shuhei Nishida, and Sueo Oe, who competed in pole vaulting, showed precisely the same result – 4.25 meters.

This result corresponded to the second place. As a result, Nishida won the silver medal, and Oe won the bronze medal. According to one version, the medal distribution was decided by tossing a coin, and according to the other, according to the verdict of the Japanese federation.

However, after cutting both medals in half, both athletes returned home and fused them into two completely new ones – bronze and silver. So the medals became a symbol of friendship between the two athletes. A luxurious picture from a photograph, presented as a gift to a childhood friend, will become your symbol of friendship, which began in the happy years of your childhood.

What to Give a Childhood Friend

What to give a childhood friend?

If earlier, in childhood, this issue was solved entirely only with the help of beautiful toys; today, you need to puzzle over the choice of a gift. Today, an expensive gift for a friend should be not only beautiful but also valuable, symbolic, and original in its way.

Why don’t you give your childhood friend a present that will remind you both of the bright time of childhood? Present a present to a childhood friend in the form of a portrait created from your childhood photos, in which you will appear together.

Like a mighty wizard, photo Company will breathe new life into old photos, returning color to black-and-white photographs, giving color photographs a mysterious and noble black-and-white gamut, or choosing unique and original images for you and your friend.

A unique portrait from a photo depicting your friend will become a beautiful and valuable gift, and the original image will give originality to the gift. You can choose a successful image in the “Image Gallery” – in the section posted on our website. Here are the best examples of sophisticated female looks and unusual male ones. You can order an elite remake of the already famous picture as a gift to your childhood friend in a photo.

Just imagine the delight and surprise of a friend when you present him with the best gift in the form of a portrait, where your friend will appear in the image of Alexander Pushkin from the painting by Orest Kiprensky, or the image of Raphael Santi himself from the self-portrait of the same name.

Pablo Picasso, a famous painter, said that “Every child is an artist. The difficulty is to remain an artist beyond childhood. “Every child in childhood probably drew, and you are no exception. Remember how real masterpieces of pictorial art were embodied with the help of your imagination on plain paper.

The photo gives you a unique opportunity to feel like a real artist again to give a childhood friend, if not a picture that you created with the warmest feelings with Art Photo masters’ help. It is your idea with the help of Art Photo that takes on a real form in the picture, and as proof of your authorship, you can put your signature on the picture, as all artists do. An original gift in the form of an art photo painting will remain with your friend forever – not only as beautiful interior decoration but also as a symbol of your friendship, which has stood the test of time.

An Original Gift to a Childhood Friend

You might say that a person you know from childhood is difficult to surprise with something. However, photo allows you to purchase the most beautiful and original gift for a childhood friend. A formal portrait as a gift to a childhood friend will create a real sensation not only among the acquaintances and households of your friend but also in his life itself.

Not all of our childhood dreams come true – those who dreamed of becoming pilots, astronauts, having matured, might never have realized themselves in the profession of their dreams. An original gift to a childhood friend in the form of painting can embody your friend’s old dream on a natural canvas. Imagine a friend as a pilot, handling altitude as equals, an astronaut who conquered an airless space …

If, when choosing a gift, you want to bring joy to your friend’s face, a large picture is a perfect choice for you. Nature has so ordered that large-sized objects seem to us more valuable, weighty, and expensive. Also, a gift to a childhood friend in the form of a large-size formal portrait will look better in any room, captivating others’ eyes

Painting for the interior will be an excellent decoration for any room, becoming a kind of “face” of the house, characterizing its owner as a person. Painting with a photo is a beautiful and useful gift for a childhood friend that will help him escape from routine everyday life to the world of delightful beauty embodied on canvas, how to delight, if not a sincere gift with a photo, which, in addition to beauty, durability, and sophistication, combines a high degree of utility.

An Expensive Gift to a Childhood Friend

When making a gift to a friend for an anniversary, birthday, or any other occasion, we always want the present to evoke delight and admiration from the person to whom it is intended. And only a wonderful present, endowed with quality, beauty, and sophistication, can cause admiration and delight. Accordingly, such a gift will not be cheap.

If you want to make an expensive gift to a childhood friend, at the same time, if you want the present to bring your friend a lot of vivid emotions, contact Art Photo. Our paintings have established themselves as the best, high-quality, beautiful, reliable, at the same time, heartfelt gifts for any person.

Here you can purchase a portrait from a photograph as a gift, which will reflect the personality of the depicted person, his tastes, habits, and character. Beautiful and expensive gifts to a childhood friend will demonstrate how well you know, understand, and appreciate him. Such a present will forever remain in the heart of your friend as an eternal reminder of you and your friendship.

The exquisite painting Art photo , which is an example of high quality and luxury style, is worthy of appropriate design. Framing workshop Art photo provides you with a wide selection of framing, posted on our website in the appropriate section.

Here you can choose a baguette for a picture of any style and size. The exquisite frame for paintings and mirrors is presented in various types and sizes – elegant baroque frames, futuristic metal frames, laconic plastic frames … However, the pinnacle of quality, beauty and grace is a handmade openwork frame, made with special care.

A handmade frame made of natural wood will adequately decorate your elegant, luxurious and pretentious gift to a childhood friend in the form of a picture Art Photo in luxury style.