Top Best Cheap Superfood Sattu

Top Best  Cheap Superfood Sattu  2020 India  

Sattu is the latest food which is steadily gaining popularity in 2019.  It is  a flour-like ingredient that is high  in nutrients and is often called the powerhouse of energy. Sattu is used in regional cuisine to varying degrees. In Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Uttrakhand, Punjab and Delhi, the use of sattu is extensive in various dishes. In Bihar, it is commonly served cold as a savory drink as a porridge or soft dough. Sweet dishes combine sattu with fruit slices, sugar and milk. In savoury dishes, sattu may be flavored with green chili, lemon juice, and salt. It is a popular stuffing in parathas. In Bihar, sattu is prepared with toasted gram flour as well as toasted barley, or a mixture of both.



Top Best Cheap Superfood Sattu

Wholesome Meal

Top Best Cheap Superfood Sattu  is considered a wholesome meal that is high in insoluble fiber and all other essential nutrients. Rich in iron, manganese, and magnesium, and low in sodium, sattu provides instant energy and also works as a cooling agent.

Great for digestion

Top Best Cheap Superfood Sattu is rich insoluble fiber, sattu is considered great for the intestines. It controls flatulence, constipation, and acidity. It cleanses your colon, and helps remove greasy food, from the walls of the intestine and rejuvenates the digestion process.

High nutrients

Top Best Cheap Superfood Sattu 2019 India every 100 grams of this superfood contains 65 percent carbohydrate and 20 percent protein. The dry-roasting process is the key that keeps the nutrients intact here.  Sattu is rich in protein, fiber, calcium, iron, manganese, and magnesium.

Balances cholesterol

The high fibre content of sattu controls the high cholesterol issue and balances by producing more of good cholesterol in the body

Controls diabetes

The low-glycaemic index of sattu is good for diabetic people.

This is a Vegetarian product.