Top 10 Python Automation projects

Top 10 Python Automation projects 

Python offers readability and approachable syntax. Syntax resembles Plain English; it makes Python an excellent choice to learn. When compared with other languages, Python is the simplest of all. Python is an easy-to-learn programming language that allows organizations to script custom automation and reap the time-savings. In this course, you can learn how to automate your own repetitive tasks using Python.

In Python the same functionality takes fewer lines and is written in a friendly and straightforward syntax. This makes learning fast and easy with little effort.  One can learn to write simple scripts.

Another benefit of using Python is, it comes with excellent Data Structure support. Data structures enable storage and access of data.  Python offers many types of directories, set and tuples.  It lets us manage data quickly and efficiently. Python lets you create your own data structure, which makes the language very flexible.

One can automate everything with Python, from mails to CSV and PDF. Interaction with external API and sending http requests. Another feature that makes Python really powerful is the tons of libraries created for Python. It allows developers to tackle things from Machine Learning, web scraping to computer operating system management.

Top 10 Automation Projects with Python
Top 10 Automation Projects with Python

What can you automate with Python?

With a little bit of work, any repetitive task can be automated. You need Python on your system along with the libraries for simple automation. A Python built-in library should be enough.

1.Internet Of Things

IOT is the network of physical things embedded with some software, sensors and other technologies.

Python provides various modules for developing services and application devices like Raspberry Pi. Python is used as the primary language in IOT as it has compact syntax and runs fast runtime speed.

2.Fill Online Form

A relevant python script for a particular form can help in filling that form automatically. Python Script can extract data from a file and fill an equivalent online form.

Using Vanilla Python scripts, forms can be submitted without any user interference.

3. Update Excel

Python provides a module that allows the Python program to read and modify the Excel spreadsheet.

Python helps to automate the filtering, creating, updating and deleting of data.

4.Emails & Texts

Python is used in the workplace to automate and schedule time-consuming and tedious task. It will result in productivity and time management.

5.Data Mining

Data mining can turn raw data into meaningful information and gain insight. Libraries are like numpy, and Pandas are used in extracting raw data from any website on the internet.

Regression and classification are applied to these data to bring some results.

6. File management

Python scripts are used to perform file management operations to create delete rename and other operations.

7. Chatbot

A chatbot is powered by Python. Many chatbots offer voice support with the advancement of libraries based on Python.

8. Web scraping

Web Scraping is a common technique to extract data. The extracted data is stored in a local file on the computer or in a database in the form of tables. Python libraries are used to create brave parse trees using HTML and  XML.

9.Share Market

Python is used to track and predict the share market for profitable investment. The well-established investment trackers are powered by Python.

10. Machine Learning 

Machine Learning applications spread across the industrial and commercial area. Now Python is commonly used for implementing machine learning models and algorithms.

Some of the application areas where Python automation is extensively employed are

Industries have been using machines for a long time. With the introduction of Smart Machines. Python is used for automating Industrial Machines and appliances.

Smart Hospitals are equipped with smart monitoring medical equipment. These machines suggest actions based on specific situations. For this Python programming is required.

Drones are powered by Artificial intelligence, which is powered by Python.

Cameras are being used to do the temperature checks of the blast furnace and also for the power lines.

Many automobile companies are deploying advanced driver assistive systems for alerting drivers if they fall asleep over the wheels.

Many fleet operators are using ML techniques to identify the fuel thefts in trucks. The driving behaviour is being closely monitored using data derived from the dashboard and accordingly auto insurance premium is being decided.

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