Top 10 benefits of google analytics for website

Top 10 Benefits of Google analytics

If you are a digital marketer then you would have handled a website, then likely you are using Google Analytics. And here you have to keep a check on the data and the rankings. With the help of Google analytics, you can recreate the pages according to your needs. 

Below are the 10 Google analytics which will help you out to operate the web pages.

Top 10 Benefits of Google analytics for ecommerce Website

First Impression is a must

With the help of google analytics, we get to know how many people have visited your web page and how many people have recuperated the page. How much intensity every page has and which is the lowest one in terms of visiting.

This gives a chance to modernize the page in a more effective way mobile boosting ability, design, content length, and usefulness. You can make more ads and get more customers.

For this, the content should be in such a way that it should attract customers. This needs a lot of practice. 

  • Calculate the number of customers coming

will get to know from which location people are visiting your site, for example, Rajasthan, Bangalore. From which state and city. This will help you out to target the areas for the locations where your ads are consistently been checked. You can even exclude a few locations as well. It helps you with geographic locations from all over the world.

  • Ranking in search engines

You already know how to optimize and target the keywords to get the maximum number of rankings. On a ranking page, certain aspects have to be kept in the mind such as

  • Word occurrences
  • Headings
  • Page depth
  • Metadata
  • Word position
  • Links and al txt
  • Manual boosting
  • Page density
  • Word proximity

Certain things have to be applied while marketing the content. You cannot always stress on one word on only one page this leads to traffic. So try to use SEO in such cases it gives more relevant ideas. Gogle Analytics lets you know where do you rank and lead.


  • Fix your Goals

Most people think it is not necessary to set the goals, but this will help you out with how many people have seen all information. There is a graph called a conversion. It’s a statistic with the month date and year. For example

  • How many people have seen the contact number
  • How many people have called
  • How many people have filled the form
  • How many people have viewed the page full or half?

It is necessary to keep a check on the goals always    in this way you can modify the pages if you find there is   not much ranking.

  • Use it for analytics.

This is a segmented section for the audience ranging from all age groups. You can target the ads to which the audience can see the ads. In this way, you can create distressed ads and campaign them.

  • Ensure right keywords

The right SEO is the right URL getting hitched, this means it should have the exact keyword, how the user thinks to search for it. So that you get the right rankings and leads. Google Analytics helps you to attract more users. Google Analytics shows you the popular keywords among the audiences. And it also gives you the best conclusion.

For example, if you are running a pickle shop. We cannot just write as there are a variety of pickles such as mango pickle, lime pickle, all mix pickle. So Google analytics helps us to improvise the keywords.

  • Examine your competitor

In this section, you can have a look at your competitors and users and even yours and compare the statistic. You can even get to know their strategy.

  • Target specific social media to attract the audiences

Advertising in social media costs a lot of money. So be aware of how do you assemble the audience. In this way, you can save money from investing in unwanted marketings.

  • Know how adaptable are you with the customer

Google analytics know that sometimes it is difficult to view contents on the mobile or desktop so it has all the options available, whether the content will be displayed in chrome or yahoo or firefox

  1. Fix what to provide the clients

After understanding the concept of how the users get attracted to the web page. These things are done for the clients according to their needs.

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