The secret behind SEO strategy going to dominate in 2021

The secret behind SEO strategy going to dominate in 2021:


SEO is the process of optimizing your website through techniques so that your website/blog/article appears in the top list of the search engine result page (SERP).

An SEO strategy is a process of planning and implementing the steps of SEO activities designed to increase website traffic. Understanding the algorithms and logic behind SEO is important to achieve fruitful results. The algorithm behind SEO doesn’t remain the same, it changes from time to time so one needs to be updated about the latest technology and be updated about the recent changes. Google keeps changing its algorithm now and then and introduces new changes. Recently Google announced the ‘core web vitals’ which focuses on user experience in its SEO algorithm.

Planning an SEO strategy is important because we need to understand what the users are expecting from us, understanding their requirements, and offering them the services they are searching for in the search engine through relevant keywords helps in getting more traffic. Strategies differ from every company and every expert. We need to understand which strategy works best for our company website.

How to decide what is a good strategy and bad?

Strategies are planned by the SEO expert but it is you who need to decide if the strategy is working or not. A good strategy is the one which will increase the traffic to your website, there are more conversions. A bad strategy is the one where you don’t see any improvement in the conversions or traffic or rather it is decreasing in such cases it is recommended to discuss with your SEO expert immediately and take some actions. Few strategies take the time to show the desired results so don’t judge in hurry. Data analytics will help in analyzing the growth and thus helps to decide about the strategies.

Gone are the days when keywords used to be the only factor in planning the SEO strategy. With the advancement of technology, SEO strategies are also changing and thus it will be very exciting to know what will be the strategies trending in next year

Let us take a look at which SEO strategies will dominate in 2021.

  1. The core web vitals: In May 2020, Google announced a change in its SEO algorithm called “The core web vitals”. This update will be focusing on the user experience that means the more user-friendly your website is more the chances of getting a higher rank in the search engine results page(SERP). This will create a huge impact on the users as and on the millions of websites across the globe.
  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI): Artificial intelligence has brought a major technology change today and Google also uses AI in its search algorithm to provide better results for the users. AI helps in finding more relevant information and in-depth. It can categorize the web pages and determine the rankings according to how valuable the website or article is
  1. Voice search: It is expected that in 2021, 50 % of the internet searches will be through voice. Few great innovations of voice search include Google assistant, Siri, Alexa. The voice searches are also done on other devices apart from a smartphone like smart tv, Amazon echo, voice pod, etc. For optimizing the voice search you need to identify the long phrases that people use in daily life.
  1. Mobile-friendly website: Most people spend their time browsing the internet on mobile devices as it is portable. So optimizing the website or web pages that support the mobile version will be a great idea and is one of the ranking factors which will be trending in 2021. The interface must be responsive, easy to read, and must answer the user’s questions. The websites which are not mobile-friendly might lose their users.
  1. Featured snippets: Featured snippets are the boxes or suggestions that appear when you search for anything in Google. Optimizing your web pages with snippets will show that your website has valuable content and also helps users in searching for content faster and effectively and also helps in a higher ranking to your website. To create a snippet you can focus on question based queries and its relevant keywords.
  1. Fulfilling the EAT criteria: Google follows the EAT principle which emphasizes more on quality. EAT means expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. What does it expect? The EAT principle will check the overall reputation of the website like quality, trustworthy, customer service, etc., and ranks that website accordingly. The websites that will fail this principle will have a hard time.
  1. Long content is more helpful: The most famous proverb “short is sweet” doesn’t apply here. The longer the content the higher the ranking you might get. But long information shouldn’t just focus on the quantity but also the quality. If the content is good and its giving more in-depth information to users your website might become their favorite and helps to gain trust from users.

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