Sleep & mental well-being – two important factors to boost child performance.

Sleep & Mental Well-Being; The Two Most Important Factors To Boost Child Performance.

Sorry, parents, but bedtime may need to be enforced. Alternatively, you might let your children
sleep in. While no one enjoys a bedtime struggle, a recent study suggests that getting a good
night’s sleep might lead to better academic achievement. According to research, children who
slept well did better in school, especially in math and languages. Researchers found a
relationship between academic achievement and sleep efficiency, which is how well you sleep
at night. You go to bed, lie down, and spend time in bed, but if you can’t sleep through the time
in bed, that’s not adequate sleep. Sleep is essential for the proper functioning of all body
systems, and researchers have found a link between our ability to learn and retain memories
and our sleeping patterns. Our bodies and brains need sleep to recuperate and renew. As a
result, sleep aids learning and enhances regulatory processes such as emotional and
behavioural regulation, all of which are essential for daily life.

A few instances of sleep’s physiological and behavioral advantages:

● Improving our memory and learning abilities

● Neural connections get restored.

● Assisting with emotional regulation, decision-making, and social interaction to the best
of one’s ability

According to research, Sleep deprivation links to a variety of physical and mental health
concerns, including impaired learning, depression, high blood pressure, and illness.
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Memory and learning are retained for all of us when we sleep. This is particularly common in
teenagers during REM sleep, a phase of the sleep cycle that occurs following deep sleep.
Students are frequently inclined to do all-nighters to prepare for examinations when they are
under a lot of pressure. Unfortunately, this is often counterproductive because the teen brain
doesn’t have enough time to lay down what they studied the night before with fewer hours to
reach the REM period. While it is true that getting a good night’s sleep before a test is crucial,
the significant advantages come when adolescents get a good night’s sleep after preparing for
the exam. Dr Frances Jensen, a neuroscientist, writes in her breakthrough book The Teenage
Brain, “Bedtime isn’t just a method for the body to unwind and recuperate after a long day
working, studying, or playing.” It’s the glue that allows us to recall not just our experiences, but
also everything we learned that day.” Sleep not only helps to enhance learning and memory,
but it also helps to prioritize memories by breaking them down and organizing them according
to their emotional significance. Essentially, the more you study, the more you need to sleep,
which is why getting enough sleep is so essential for academic achievement.

The other factor that boosts student academic achievement is good mental health. Children’s
physical requirements are easy to recognize for parents: healthy meals, warm clothing when it’s
cold, and decent sleep. The mental and emotional requirements of a child, on the other hand,
may not be as evident. Children with good mental health may think rationally, develop socially,
and master new abilities. They can perform well in school. The main factor that affects mental
health is sleep deprivation that directly affects the

performance of students. Sleep deprivation
can be a key risk factor for the onset of severe depressive illness. The intensity of insomnia
raises the risk of feeling sad and worried, so it’s critical to recognize and address sleep issues as soon as possible.

According to the findings of the study, mental health needs connect to academic achievement.
Psychologically distressed students are less likely to succeed academically; They have a higher level of exam anxiety, worse academic self-efficacy, and less efficient time management.
Students who experienced psychological distress also reported obtaining a bad grade on a test
or project, a lower grade, an incomplete, or abandoning the course. Adolescents with excellent
mental health have good social skills with other adults and peers. Their improved social and
emotional behaviours have a significant influence on academic success. As a result, teenage
mental health issues may significantly impact academic success, which can have long-term
implications for employment, income, and other outcomes.

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