PayKun Payment Links: Accept Payments Anywhere, Anytime


PayKun Payment Links: Accept Payments Anywhere, Anytime

You should consider the payment links option to collect online payments if you do not use a website or APP for that

PayKun payment links are the best option to collect online payments especially when you do not have any other accessible modes. 

When you are not using a website or mobile app, or when you do not use a swipe machine, or plainly when you are an offline shop, and still you need to collect the online payments, in such a situation what is best is using this option.

They are fast, easy, secure, and totally reliable. Let us know more about them further in this piece of writing:

PayKun Payment Links Meaning

The PayKun links are the URLs that can be sent to the customers through the means like Messenger, Whatsapp, Emails, etc. The website/app has the Payment Button on it, payment links are a way of sending that payment button in the form of a link to the customer. 

With PayKun, you can create a single customer (personalized) link or a link for multiple customers. The customers can also get notified when they receive it and they can instantly make the payment from the comfort of their place at any time of the day.

What are its benefits?

This way of accepting online payments is very much beneficial for the merchant who would like to accept the online payments directly without any website or app. Apart from that, below are the other advantages to use these links for your business payments:

  • Can collect instant payments from the comfort of yours and customer’s place and time
  • Both online, as well as an offline business, can accept online payments with them
  • Provide multiple payment options as it is a payment gateway link
  • The customers can pay securely through online payment modes
  • The payment and delivery could be done at the same time. You can provide such an option to the customer and this provides security to you and the customer both.
  • It would simply require a mode through which you can send the link, which could be WhatsApp, email, etc.
  • You can send the same link to multiple users or could create a single customer link with their pre-filled details
  • This is the best option for social commerce 

Why use Payment Links for your business?

There are various offline shops or stores that sell products or services. With the onset of digitalization, these types of businesses may need to provide their customers with online payment options, they need not have a swipe machine in that case. They may simply send a payment link.

Another scenario is of social media business or a Whatsapp business, they can easily accept online payment through them.

Many times, the businesses sell offline as well as online, or may partially need to accept online payments without a website/app. In such cases, these links could come in handy to collect payments.

The businesses could also send a soft copy of the invoice and save the environment by using fewer papers. Meaning to say, an online invoice could be sent with the ready payment links so the customer can pay on the spot.


Why choose PayKun for Payment Links?

PayKun is a payment gateway solution for all types of businesses from small to large enterprises. Any kind of business should opt for PayKun as their payment processor for the below reasons:

  • Secured

It is PCI DSS Level 1 compliant and follows AES encryption standards

  • Reliable

It provides world-class customer support services and a dedicated account manager. 10k+ merchants are already using its services and satisfied with them

  • Top Payment Gateway

It is considered among the top payment gateways of India and in such a short time-span, it has been serving and satisfying a large number of merchants

  • Payment Options

May it be the links to collect payments or the integration with the website/app, the merchant can provide the customers with the 120+ payment options to make the payment including various cards, net banking options, wallets, UPI, QR code, etc.

  • Global and Local

You can reach with your products and services globally by accepting payments from anywhere in the world. PayKun supports 29+ currencies and most countries.

Handling business payments can be a great deal of work. With the PayKun merchant dashboard, the merchant can track, manage, and administer the business transaction-related activities swiftly and efficiently.

  • Payments

The merchant would get the transaction settlements of their online payments from the customer directly in their bank account.

Thus, you need not have a physical machine to accept the online payments, you also don’t need to have a website or app. The payment links are the most convenient way of receiving payments from your customers.


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