Oraimo FreePods 2 EarBuds Full Features & Specification

Hey, these are the Oraimo FreePods 2 earbuds. They’re half in-ear headphones and I have the 2 Baba Edition version. On Oraimo’s website, these headphones are listed for 9,900 Naira which is the equivalent of 22 dollars and that’s quite affordable.

Hey how’s it going guys, and in this post, we’ll be taking a look at the Oraimo FreePods 2, some of its features, and my experience using it. Without further ado, let’s get to the topic.

Oraimo FreePods 2 EarBuds Full Features & Specification – Review And Buyer’s Guide

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Unboxing – Oraimo FreePods 2 True Wireless EarBuds

Taking the warp off of the box of the OraimoFreePods, we have some glossiness on the packaging around the front, and the back and to the side is where we see some of the highlights of features that make it stand out,instant connections, ergonomics, charging case and weight.

Inside the box of the Oraimo FreePods 2, and I must say I like how it’s packaged, we have the headphones itself. It’s in a glossy black finish, sort of like piano Black, I like color and I like how reflective and premium it looks, again because it’s a special edition headphone tuned by 2 Baba himself, you do get his signature on it and a One Love text right beneath it.

We’ll put the headphones to the side for now and for what’s in the rest of the box, there’s a smaller box housing the welcome guide which is quite comprehensive, and the USB charging cable which I thought was a bit too short but if you, for now, smartphone cable that would suffice.

That’s all in the box and we’re going to welcome guidance right into the features of the headphones. First off let’s talk about build quality, bit tough it’s a fingerprint magnet. I like how it feels in the hand and it’s a little slippery, you won’t even know it’s plastic with the way it looks and feels so that adds to the ergonomics of it in a way in addition to style. It also snaps well as the headphones are magnetically locked in.

Orimo Free Pods and Earbuds

The case weighs around 31 grams which were quite light and underneath it is the normal USB port. The battery capacity for the case is 500 mah and it would take 3 hours to charge it to 100% which is fair and you can even see the battery indicator in the case on a 3 point scale. The first light means it’s less than 33%, the second light means it’s between 33 and 66% while the last light means it’s above 66%.

Same thing with when you’re charging it. One selling point of the case is that it can charge the headphones from 0 – 100% up to 6 times or 7 times if you’re mostly talking on the phone. Speaking of the headphones itself, without the case they are light coming at 4 grams each and they fit comfortably.

I look forward to talking this to the gym because they won’t fall off easily so yeah, fitness and comfort are on point, and wearing them for long hours won’t hamper you. They’re also polycarbonate materials and have the 2 Baba edition with gold accents all over them.

We have a multitouch sensor and status indicator for when it’s pairing or low, underneath the buds are the connector pins for charging when it’s in the case and the microphone for phone calls or sound recording. Talk time is up to 3 hours and music time is up to 3.5 hours. Stand by time is also impressive at about 82 hours. As I mentioned, the case can charge the headphones which take 2 hours to get full 6 times and that’s enough to last you nearly the entire day with just your case.

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How to Use – Oraimo FreePods 2 True Wireless EarBuds

To pair these, if it’s the first time, you, of course, have to make sure Bluetooth is turned on, this has Bluetooth 5.0 by the way and you will only need to remove both earphones, and connect your smartphone. They will be blinking red and green and once it’s connected, the status indicator light goes off.

Now after your first pairing all you’ll need to do is just take the headphones out and it will automatically connect to the previous device it was connected with. Once your headphones are turned on and connected. You will hear 2 Baba’s voice, he will say power on and he will say connected. Which previous devised of like it. And of course, in order to turn your headphones off, simply place it back into the case or if after say powers outside the case, it doesn’t get connected to a device, it shuts down.

Now ecotopes and headphones off get to the sound quality. How does this perform? I’ve used it for some hours and don’t miss time with it and I thought they sounded cool as well. As someone who started learning music production and delving into some theoretical stuff, I can say that they did sound quite fine.

I played some of my favorite colorful songs from Cells which you should listen to, by the way, he’s amazing and the interments were decent. I felt the bass wasn’t as huge and punchy. The hi-hats are clear while kicks are not always huge but the mids when it came to songs were okay, vocals were processed nicely, loud and clear enough and just like the bass, the highs were also not that noticeable and my observations were much more present in loud volumes.

These would do well for rap songs or trap with a lot of hi-hats and kicks and heavy reliance on vocals but just okay for electronic music which is more instrumentally focused. These half in-ear headphones while they may not be noise-canceling sounded okay, and if you can, you might want to consider fine tuning with an equalizer app to get the desired results. The touch sensors on the headphones were also responsive.

Tapping twice for playing or pausing, holding your right earbud for playing the next song, holding the left to the previous song, tapping 3 times for volume down on the left, and tapping 3 times for volume up on the right side. While they are easy gestures, they could cause strain if you do it with a force so you want to be careful with that.


Funny fact, I was just wearing these out and my sister said from afar, because of that gold plate, it looked like I was wearing earrings. What are your thoughts about these headphones, I mean for the price of 9,900 Naira or $22 this is quite a bargain with all of the features it comes with? It also does come with a 365-day warranty.

I see this as accompanying many mid-range devices but then again, an extensive test could work well.

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