New Features of AWS – Trending in 2020

AWS is made up of so many different cloud computing products and services. The highly profitable Amazon division provides servers, storage, networking, remote computing, email, mobile development, and security.  AWS is so large and present in the computing world that it’s far outpaced its competitors.

New Features Of AWS – Trending In 2020

New Features Of AWS - Trending In 2020
                                        New Features Of AWS – Trending In 2020


New Features Of AWS – Trending In 2020

Some new features of AWS are mentioned below. They are,

  • You will be able to access your AWS regions immediately with the help of AWS management.
  • AWS Elemental Media Live enables the availability of Statistical Multiplexing.
  • For Amazon CloudWatch Metrics, you can get the backup of Amazon VPC Traffic Mirroring.
  • The Cloud Watch ServiceLens helps to analyze the health.
  • Users can get spatial data as Amazon is going to announce to support this feature. And by integrating spatial data into the analytical queries, you can easily upgrade your business.
  • Europe, now gets the accessibility to Amazon Cloud Watch Logs Insights.
  • AWS X-ray is providing many options to experience an enhanced identification and trace analysis of service disruption.
  • Amazon Lex supports Sentiment Analysis, which is helpful in examining a bot in a single click.
  • Users will be able to encrypt the Amazon DynamoDB with the help of your own encryption keys.
  • Users gets a new feature called full-text search integration through Amazon Neptune.
  • Bahrain and Hong Kong receives the service of AWS Global Accelerator.
  • There are four new queries which are provided by Amazon Athena. They are Query Planning Time, Service Processing Time, Query Queueing Time, and Total Execution Time.
  • User-defined functions supported by Amazon Athena allows you to transcribe custom scalar functions and appeal those functions in SQL.
  • Customer provided keys are getting the support of Amazon kinesis data firehouse for the server side encryption. 
  • Amazon Elastic Interference introduces new good accelerators with a very good CPU memory.

AWS Cloud formation stack update receives the support of AWS manages services.

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