How To Create The Perfect Study Place?

How To Create The Perfect Study Place?

Your study space is critical to your ability to study effectively. After all, if you can’t concentrate or if you are not comfortable, you certainly can’t expect to learn very well. So, it’s important to create a study environment that fosters productivity and minimizes distractions.

The important part is to choose an area with minimal interruptions – a quiet, relaxing space where you can focus and get work done. By dedicating a particular area to your schoolwork, you can train your brain to focus exclusively on studying, and not your list of to-dos or other distractions.

How To Create The Perfect Study Place?

How To Create The Perfect Study Place
How To Create The Perfect Study Place

Let there be light

If you are young, you may not be very aware of the light when studying because your eyes and optic nerves are still in shape, but if you really want to perform, you better start considering the issue of lighting. Although you may not notice it, your eyes get tired after a while of reading and more if we are using backlit screens. Therefore, in addition to resting our eyes every hour and spending a minute of our time doing exercises to relax our eyes, we must find a study place that is well lit.

If we can take advantage of natural light to study, perfect; but if we study at night, it is best to combine white and blue lights to increase our performance.

The orientation of the light is also important, because it must be located in such a way that when writing we do not overshadow and we can work properly on our notes.

Material and furniture

A good study place should have everything you need to study. Be it a large room or a small, shared space, use your creativity to have easy access to all the materials. When one is concentrating on studying, having to get up and go on an expedition to look for a highlighter or a sheet of paper is a roll cut that makes us lose concentration. Make sure you have a material to take to class and another for your study place and to replace everything that is running out.

Another essential thing that should count as mandatory school supplies is a cork or a wall that we do not have much appreciation for so that we can stick there all the notes that we want to put to remember something, the mind maps that we make, drawings, diagrams, etc.

On the other hand, the table must be at the right height to keep the back straight and be wide enough so that we can work on it comfortably. The chair, on the other hand, should not be as comfortable as we would like, because we run the risk of falling asleep or not getting up enough to be able to rest the body and relax. It should be of a suitable height for our height and make it easy for us to always rest our feet on the ground (or use a raised footrest) and ideally, it forces us to keep our back as straight as possible.

Out distractions

It is important that we exercise good will and keep distractions away from our place of study. Music, WhatsApp, flirtations, kittens, lovely roommates or little brothers should stay away from our little temple so that we can quickly associate it with study and concentration.

Background noises should be avoided because they make concentration and performance difficult, but if our family is the loudest in the neighborhood, our neighbors are on construction sites, or we have techno-loving roommates, wearing ear plugs can be our salvation.

Make it yours

If you are creating your study place, in addition to everything we have talked about lighting, furniture, materials and others, you should also think about customizing it. It is not about you hiring an interior decorator to make you an avant-garde office, but about giving your study place the personal touch you need to feel at home. According to ghostwriting services providers place some ornaments, photos and objects that you like and put your creativity to work to build a pleasant and unique space in which you feel good.

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