Digital business platform

Digital business platform

Digital era demands enterprises to collaborate seamlessly with the players in the ecosystems and explore new business models and revenue streams. Customers are increasingly using digital channels to interact with enterprises and demand personalized and contextual engagements. These mandates require enterprises to reimagine themselves to be more responsive to the demands of the market. Digital technology platform is quintessential to transform enterprises from monolith, business process oriented structures to agile and responsive organizations.

Adaptive digital technology platforms will help organizations in their digital service enablement initiatives resulting in lower customer support costs, deliver personalized and contextual customer experience, sell products in faster time cycles, offer complimentary services and optimize business operations.

Digital Business Platform
Digital Business Platform

A few challenges faced by enterprises

The dynamic business world has increased the need for reinvention, transformation and adaption. All of these help re-define a company’s success strategy. However, there are few challenges that plague almost every organization across verticals.

The challenge of reinventing their core offerings, processes and systems to adapt to the digital age. The journey of digital future requires not just understanding of new technologies but an appreciation of existing technology landscapes, business processes and practices.

Understanding the need for digital-first

Digital Business Platform

  • Today’s enterprises need to continuously reinvent themselves and explore new business models to remain relevant to their customers.
  • A differentiating partner ecosystem arranged around a digital platform–based marketplace is soon becoming a reality in many verticals.
  • The strategy is business model transformation and ensuring that it aligns with changes to operating model, processes, organizational structure and IT systems.
  • Platform is a binding force that brings together multiple stakeholders including connected things with varying objectives to co-exist.
  • Platform should pull in existing products and services to enhance other services or combine them to form new ones.
  • It should facilitate a compelling new digital experience enabling a multisided business model for multipartner solution development and multichannel selling.
  • High-productivity platforms essentially accelerate the entire process of collaborating with partners in a secured way, redefining customer experiences and bridging legacy systems for business agility.
  • With powerful digital platforms, businesses will get closer to the customer and rapidly innovate as market conditions and business relationships change.

Scope of Digital Marketing

Why and how digital business platforms help

Digital Business Platform

There is an increased focus on digital platforms that help customers execute their journey to the digital future at a fast pace in a unified, consistent and rich way enabling digital channels to consume the underlying technology capabilities and services of legacy systems to produce next generation digital customer experiences.

A digital platform is a business-driven framework that allows a community of partners, providers and customers to share and enhance digital processes and capabilities or to extend them for mutual benefit. Digitalizing organizational business functions to serve changing customer preferences and enhance operational efficiency, rapid proliferation of mobile devices and apps, increasing penetration of IoT, adoption of cloud services, and the need to improve operational performance to gain competitive advantage are some of the major drivers of this market.

Here are some interesting use-cases as to how digital platforms help in different scenarios

Digital Business Platform

  • AI based dynamic pricing: Machine learning to correlate pricing trends with sales trends. Adjust pricing with respect to changing customer demographics and business priorities.
  • Natural-language-processing: Enables people to have conversational experience with computers through text and voice. We have integrated with popular virtual assistants and Google’s AI services to empower our low-code platform.
  • Customer journey orchestration: Personalized offers based on customers transaction history and demographic information.
  • The digital platform market is one of the fastest growing market. Advanced technologies such as IoT, artificial intelligence, RPA and cloud are playing a crucial role in driving the growth of digital platform market.

For all digitalization needs look to Intense Technologies. With pre-built solutions available on platform, UniServe™ NXT caters to the enterprise business needs of digitalizing business processes of a customer experience lifecycle. Our strategic objective is to build a sustainable organization that remains relevant to our customers, while creating growth opportunities for our employees, and generating profitable growth for our investors.

Our solutions are cloud-based, and seamlessly integrate into the client’s existing systems, without the need to rip and replace existing hardware or software, leading to a rapid return on investment and technology not being a hurdle.

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