Devops Certification Training Course


DevOps is combination of two words – Development and Operations. DevOps is used for making a entire application. It is used from development to operations, testing and deployment of a application. It also helps in reducing the disconnection between system administrators, quality assurance (QA) engineers and software developers.

DevOps is a combination of Developers, testers and IT Operations. DevOps provides collaboration between Development and Operations teams to deploy code in an automated & repeatable way for faster productions.

DevOps also helps in increasing the speed of organization to deliver applications and services. It also helps organizations to serve their customers in a better way and allows to compete more strongly in the market.

 DevOps is a combination of development and IT operations for Providing better communication and collaboration.

DevOps has become very important for every enterprises and organizations. With the help of DevOps, speed and quality of the application making has improved to a great extent.

DevOps is the merging of the development and operation processes. Organizations using DevOps have noticed a 22% improvement in quality of software and 17% improvement in application deployment frequency and achieved a 22% increase in the satisfaction of customers. DevOps has lead to 19% increase in the revenues of organization.

Why DevOps Instead of Other Methods:

Without the use of DevOps, the team members spend large amount of time in testing, designing and deploying instead of building the project.

In Other Methods, after the completion of design build, the deployment and testing are performed separately because of which it consumes more time than the actual build cycle while in DevOps it is performed together.

In Other Methods, the operation and development team works in complete isolation but it is opposite in the case of DevOps.

Manual code deployment leads to human errors in the production of an application.

DevOps Architecture Features:

Here are some key features of DevOps Architecture:

Automation: Automation reduces time consumption, mainly during the testing and deployment phase. Automation makes the productivity increases and releases quicker which helps in quickly catching the bugs which leads to fixing problems easily. Each code goes through automated tests, builds and cloud-based services for contiguous delivery which promotes promotion using automated deploys.


In DevOps, the development and operations team collaborates which improves cultural modal as teams become more productive which gives strength to accountability and ownership. In DevOps teams share their responsibilities and work closely in sync, which makes deployment to production faster.


Applications always need to be integrated with other components in the environment. The integration phase is where the existing code is combined with new functionality and then tested. Continuous testing and integration enables continuous development. The frequency in the micro-services and releases leads to significant operational challenges.

Configuration Management:

It ensures that the application interact with only those resources that are concerned with the environment in which it runs.


  1. DevOps improves business growth as it responds faster to the market changes.
  2. It is very good approach for quickly deploying and developing applications.
  3. DevOps increases business profits by reducing the software delivery time and transportation costs.
  4. DevOps also provide its customers good service and experience.
  5. DevOps is a collective team work which leads to better productivity.

Skills Required for working in DevOps:

  1. Fundamentals of Linux.
  2. Programming Languages like Python, Java or C++.
  3. Tools like CVS and git for managing source code.
  4. Building of Application.
  5. Tools like Jenkins, TeamCity for automation with CI/CD.
  6. Application Testing.
  7. Monitoring Appilications.

DevOps makes it easier to build any application and also takes less time for building a application as there are several processing going simultaneously. DevOps is very good option for business growth as it is very reactive to market changes.

DevOps provides good productivity as in DevOps, the work is done collectively in teams which lead to good productivity. We can also see why it is important to use DevOps by seeing it results and the growth that it has provided to different enterprises.

Devops Certification Training Course